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Position: Campus Outreach Coordinator

Major: Biology

Classification: Junior
Career Goals: My goal is to become a PA! I'm interested in specializing in orthopedics or dermatology. 
Hometown: League City, Texas

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Tyson's Tacos

Fun Fact: My celebrity doppelgänger is Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly).

Favorite GMT memory: My favorite GMT memory has to be the end-of-year barge party. Everyone was able to celebrate the end of another tough semester by eating hot dogs, exploring the island that we docked at, and putting their dance skills to the test. Also, I brought a neon pink wig and had everyone try it on and take a picture, which was an instant icebreaker for members that I hadn't met before. 

Why did you join GMT: I joined GMT my sophomore year after looking into all of the pre-health organizations at UT. Compared to the others, GMT has a truly inclusive atmosphere that encourages members to feel like they aren't alone. I've made so many strong friendships with the people I've met because of how genuine the members are. It's always nice to have friends who are going through the same journey as you are!

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