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Position: Campus Outreach Coordinator

Major: Nutrition, Minor in Business Foundations

Classification: Junior
Career Goals: My goal is to become a dentist! I hope to work in underserved communities and open a mobile clinic to screen individuals free of charge (pro-bono work). 
Hometown: Laredo, Texas

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Malibu Poke

Fun Facts: I have broken the same arm (in the same place) within the same year and I am a die-hard Harry Styles fan. 

Favorite GMT memory: I have so many good memories with GMT. From meeting some of my best friends to meeting so many amazing people with diverse backgrounds, and the overall exposure to the different fields of healthcare. My ultimate favorite has to have been the last trip I went on. I went to the Dominican Republic and my life has changed since! Being able to communicate with the patients and help them relive their pain while getting to know their culture has been an experience of a lifetime!

Why did you join GMT: I joined GMT my freshman year because I heard great things about how GMT combines serving both globally and locally! I knew I wanted to eventually work in healthcare abroad to underserved communities and GMT aligned exactly with my values. The atmosphere and overall environment of this organization is extremely inviting and welcoming. From the resources this organization has provided me to the memories I have made through GMT, I will forever be grateful for this experience!

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