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 shyon ahmadi

Position: Social Coordinator 

Major: Biology(Pre-Med)

Classification: Senior
Career Goals: I want to become a surgeon (maybe in Orthopedics or ENT).
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite place to eat in Austin:   Veracruz, Terry Blacks, Cabo Bobs

Fun Facts: Back in elementary school, I set the record for highest jump off a swing, but I ended up fracturing my arm. Die hard fan for two things: Rockets and Drake. I have a crazy and enormous family.

Favorite GMT memory: One of my favorite GMT memories was the end of the year barge on the lake. It was fun to hang out with my fellow GMT members and grill hot dogs, float on the lake, and watch the sunset from a tiny island (pro-tip: make sure to hike the island with at least another person so you don't get left behind). Overall, it was an experience I will never forget during my undergraduate years at UT.
Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT because at my very first meeting I admired how the org was able to connect people from all areas of healthcare. From their mission trips to volunteering locally, GMT provided me with a place outside of the classroom where I could build relationships while also helping the community. The deep-rooted friendly and welcoming atmosphere instilled by the org is one of the many things I hope to foster during my time at GMT and beyond.

Position: Social Coordinator 

Major: Biochemistry, Minor in Business Foundations

Classification: Junior
Career Goals: I plan to graduate with a BSA in Biochemistry, a minor in Business, and a certificate for Spanish in Health Professions and Forensic Science. I plan to attend medical school in Texas. Not sure yet what specialty, but I am definitely interested in being involved in medical academia in my future as a practicing physician.
Hometown: Cypress, Texas

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Cabo Bobs

Fun Facts: I was born in New York, and I am a certified florist. 

Favorite GMT memory: My favorite memory by far was going on the Panama trip this past summer. I loved learning clinic skills with my friends and creating an amazing bond with them while traveling abroad. Working in the clinic and interacting with so many patients influenced my perspective of healthcare and fortified my dream and goal of becoming a physician. As a Latin American woman getting to improve my fluency in Spanish, converse with locals, and learn how to translate effectively made me feel connected to my culture and grateful for my heritage. It filled me with joy, getting to connect with others through this short-term global health initiative, and filled my heart with happiness knowing I was making a difference.
Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT to learn more about global health initiatives and to make new friends who were like-minded and passionate about the health care field. I was very interested in all the volunteer opportunities and, of course, going on the trips. I hoped to expand my impact through more meaningful acts of service and create a more enriching college experience.


 Sofia Scalzo

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