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victoria cervantes

Position: Workshop Coordinator 
Major: Human Biology 
Classification: Senior
Career Goals: I hope to attend medical school and become a doctor. I’m not sure which specialty yet but I am currently the most interested in orthopedics and anesthesiology!
Hometown: Wylie, Texas

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Cava

Fun fact: I'm missing a tooth!
Favorite GMT memory: Going to the DR this past winter is easily my favorite memory. I met so many people that I am still close with, and the experience is so unique! I plan on going on another trip this upcoming year because I loved it so much.
Why did you join GMT? I first joined GMT to find a community of pre-health individuals. I was a freshman during the pandemic, which made it difficult to join orgs and make friends in my online classes. After joining, I fell in love with the org, the people, and our mission.

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