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Position: Fundraising Coordinator 
Major: Biology 
Classification: Senior
Career Goals: I hope to become a physician and go into either pediatrics or emergency medicine one day!

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Matt's El Rancho

Fun facts: I am an EMT!
Favorite GMT memory: My favorite GMT memory was the bus rides to the clinics during the spring 2023 trip to the Dominican Republic. Sometimes the clinics were over an hour away, and each morning our whole group would pack into the bus and jam out to some classics while getting excited for a day full of helping out patients!
Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT because I was drawn towards the community and opportunities it provides its members. From going on the trips, to the numerous volunteer opportunities and social events, GMT has all of the aspects of an org that I was initially looking for. Years later, GMT has helped me find some of my best college friends and many unforgettable experiences!

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