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Maanasa ravipati


Position: Fundraising Coordinator 
Major: Psychology; Minor: Media and Enternatiment 
Classification: Junior
Career Goals: I want to become an emergency physician in the future. Currently, I'm studying psychology as an undergrad because it's exciting to learn about what makes people who they are. I want to understand people better to become an effective healthcare provider.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Burrito Factory

Fun facts: This summer, I went to Finland! I also randomly saw Dr. Phil eating with his friends at a restaurant in Dallas.
Favorite GMT memory: My favorite GMT memory was when I had the opportunity to volunteer on the Spring 2022 trip to the Dominican Republic. Working with the patients, doctors, and translators was an amazing opportunity. I remember packing up after working at the pharmacy, and these little girls asked if we were doctors (shortly after asking for stickers to add to their collection). I told them not yet, but one of the little girls' eyes widened, and she shared how she wanted to be a doctor to care for her dad, who got injured. Her passion and excitement to help her father with his health at her young age further reminded me why I want to go into medicine. It was incredible to see firsthand the humanity and compassion that should drive healthcare through the patients, doctors, and translators throughout this trip.
Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT because I appreciate how it allows students to develop their interests in pre-health careers while addressing the issue of healthcare disparities in our international community. I also love how GMT brings together individuals with not only similar career goals but also similar outlooks in life. I like how the members of this club value finding that balance between academics and creating memories outside just our classes. This club's atmosphere pushes us out of our comfort zone and allows members to become well-rounded individuals and future healthcare professionals.

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