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December 30- January 6 2022

PANAMA 2023 

March 11th - March 18th 2023

PERU 2023

May 8th - May 15th 2022  


May 25 - June 1 2023

Get to know the countries we visit below!

Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic is a colorful tapestry of Spanish, French, Haitian, and African influences woven by a rich and storied history. Christopher Columbus described this lush land as "a beautiful island paradise with high forested mountains and large river valleys". This statement is still as true today as it was in 1492. In addition to the comforts of sun, sea, and sand, the Dominican Republic offers an exciting and unique cultural experience that will captivate your senses.




With 24 volcanoes and countless lakes, rivers, and lagoons, Nicaragua is known as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.” Only in Nicaragua can you navigate through rivers and lakes from the Caribbean to the Pacific, because here the waters of the Río San Juan meet Lake Nicaragua. With a wide assortment of landscapes and habitats that allow for many different types of vegetation and animal species to flourish, Nicaragua is proud of its tremendous ecological diversity offering more than 70 unique eco-systems. In Nicaragua you will discover 7% of the world’s bio-diversity and learn why Nicaragua is considered “the second lung of the Americas.”



While Panama is known mostly for its famous canal, the country's natural attractions offer an irresistible lure to far-sighted travelers.  This overlooked country offers some of the finest birding, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing in the Americas.  We will visit the province of Bocas del Toro and Bocas Island on the Caribbean side of the country.


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Ecuador is home to the beautiful Galapagos Islands, and is known for being one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. This country is home to the most untouched parts of the Amazon Rainforest, over 50 volcanoes, as well as gold mines, beautiful highlands and beaches. 

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