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Megan lopez-lin

Megan-Officer Pic.heic

Position: Trip Coordinator 

Major: BSA Biology, Polymathic Scholar, Certificate in Business of Healthcare, Pre-Med

Classification: Senior

Career Goals: I want to either go into pediatrics or emergency medicine. I love working with kids and I work as an EMT so I like high-intensity situations.

Hometown: Austin,  TX

Favorite places to eat in Austin: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen and Cabo Bob's

Fun Facts: I ride a moped! You can sometimes see me zooming around campus.

Favorite GMT memory: On my first ever GMT trip, I went to Panama in the winter of 2020. I was still trying to decide between dentistry or medicine as a field I wanted to pursue so I decided to go on the trip as a pre-dental student. My favorite memory was handing out toothbrushes to kids and learning the Spanish terms and phrases in order to educate them about the importance of oral hygiene and how to properly brush their teeth. Every kid was so excited and each time I handed out a toothbrush or a sticker, they brought more kids back to talk to us. They were so enthusiastic to learn from us and it was definitely the highlight of my trip!

Why did you join GMT? I joined because I was fascinated with the pre-health track and GMT was able to help me narrow down the specific field I wanted to pursue. Volunteering is also a huge passion of mine and GMT really extends the scope of a student's impact on both the local community and in the international community when we travel. Overall, the resources and support GMT provides is why I wanted to join and the chance to travel to somewhere really cool to help others is an amazing opportunity.

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