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Frankie Zelasko

PositionVolunteer Coordinator 

Major: Biology, BSA

Classification: Sophmore
Career Goals: Of course most of us in GMT want to enter a Health Profession, but in the end I really hope I can enter myself into a world of knowledge and science that I can spread and inform others about. At the same time, I really hope I can meet as many people and experience as much as possible so I can have multiple perspectives and standpoints on many things.
Hometown: Kingwood, Texas

Favorite places to eat in Austin: Cabo Bob's 

Fun facts: I got lost in the Detroit airport once
Favorite GMT memory: So far, the officer retreat during the Spring 2022 was a blast. The New Braunfels area is so pretty and we all got to bond and talk a lot. There was a water front with a rope swing, kayaks, and a trampoline; the clouds and sky the first night was just another incredible thing to see.

Why did you join GMT? The tabling session got me really excited to be a part of a big group, the trips are incredibly impactful to others and provide a unique experience, and the meetings and officers are just happy and enjoyable people to talk with and be around.

Frankie’s Solo Pic! .JPG

Position: Volunteer Coordinator 

Major: Public Health

Classification: Sophmore
Career Goals: My career goal is to become a compassionate healthcare provider with an intercultural perspective on healthcare! I want to be an advocate for patient health and a proponent of health education and disease prevention.
Hometown: Austin, TX

Favorite places to eat in Austin: Flower Child

Fun facts: I collected rocks from each place I traveled to until I visited Hawaii Volcanoes, National Park.
Favorite GMT memory: There are many special memories I have of GMT, but one of the most memorable experiences I had in GMT was on my Spring 2022 trip to the Dominican Republic. It gave me a deeper understanding of the connection between culture and healthcare when noticing how health can be defined differently for each individual or geographic location. I also learned how to navigate those differences to build trust. Even with the language barrier, patients shared about their life experiences and formed meaningful relationships with each of us. This communication is integral to building trust, and with that came great responsibility. Initially, carrying the responsibility to make decisions on behalf of each patient was challenging, but it has given me a lot to reflect on. I came back from this trip with an understanding that medicine is not just about treating an illness or determining a diagnosis. It goes beyond that; it involves the responsibility to care for someone, consider their lifestyle, culture, and traditions, and to advocate for each patient’s health.

Why did you join GMT? GMT was the first club that I joined during my freshman year at UT as a result of my global health and humanitarian healthcare interests. In the past year, I found a welcoming and friendly culture at GMT. This organization has given me so much from volunteering opportunities, memorable experiences, information and connections to healthcare speakers, and most importantly my first friends and family at the University of Texas!

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