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PositionVolunteer Coordinator 

Major: Biology, BSA

Classification: Senior
Career Goals: After graduating, I plan on attending a physician assistant program. I am excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively, diagnose illnesses, and offer compassionate care that positively impacts individuals' lives.
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite places to eat in Austin: Sour Duck

Fun facts: I've been skydiving!
Favorite GMT memory: My favorite GMT memory is the Winter Dominican Republic trip I went on the previous school year. This experience allowed me to broaden my understanding of healthcare in a foreign country, immerse myself in diverse cultures, and make connections with remarkable individuals, all while creating unforgettable moments of joy and fulfillment!

Why did you join GMT?I joined GMT looking to for a pre-health oriented organization that would also allow me to meet other people. Through this experience, I have had the privilege of meeting a wide range of passionate individuals while simultaneously making a positive impact in both local and international communities.


Position: Volunteer Coordinator 

Major: Biology

Classification: Junior
Career Goals: I want to become a doctor! As of right now, I'm considering going into trauma surgery.
Hometown: New Braunfels, TX

Favorite places to eat in Austin: Cabo Bobs

Fun facts: I was born with a black eye
Favorite GMT memory: My favorite GMT memory was our summer 2023 Panama trip. On the first day of clinic, we got to see a lot of people that hadn't been to the doctor in years and we were really the first line that was able to figure out if anything was affecting their health and get them a referral. 

Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT because it seemed like an awesome group of people! I've loved getting to share life experiences with everyone because we all have similar goals that we are striving for.

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