Frankie Zelasko

PositionVolunteer Coordinator 

Major: Biology, BSA

Classification: Sophmore
Career Goals: Of course most of us in GMT want to enter a Health Profession, but in the end I really hope I can enter myself into a world of knowledge and science that I can spread and inform others about. At the same time, I really hope I can meet as many people and experience as much as possible so I can have multiple perspectives and standpoints on many things.
Hometown: Kingwood, Texas

Favorite places to eat in Austin: Cabo Bob's 

Fun facts: I got lost in the Detroit airport once
Favorite GMT memory: So far, the officer retreat during the Spring 2022 was a blast. The New Braunfels area is so pretty and we all got to bond and talk a lot. There was a water front with a rope swing, kayaks, and a trampoline; the clouds and sky the first night was just another incredible thing to see.

Why did you join GMT? The tabling session got me really excited to be a part of a big group, the trips are incredibly impactful to others and provide a unique experience, and the meetings and officers are just happy and enjoyable people to talk with and be around.

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 7.57.48 PM.png

Position: Volunteer Coordinator 

Major: Human Biology with a certificate in Spanish for Health Professionals

Classification: Junior
Career Goals: I am thinking about going to med school.
Hometown: Richardson, TX

Favorite places to eat in Austin: Any Mexican food place!

Fun facts: I was born in Chicago, I am left handed, and I like to sew.
Favorite GMT memory: I don’t have one memory in specific but I have loved all of the volunteering events where I have meet new people.

Why did you join GMT? I joined GMT because it combined my interests for healthcare and learning about new cultures/communities. I have a natural fascination for the human body and all of the factors that come together to make us healthy. I love the community of like minded people that I have found in GMT.